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Bad Säckingen

Bad Säckingen's town history

Year Description
3rd centrury AC Immigration of the Alemanni into the area right of the Rhine
6th/7th century Christianisation of the alemannic tribes. St. Fridolin builds a church and a double monastery on the Rhine island on behalf of the Franconian King. The King's monastery receives vast properties in the areas of the High Rhine, Zurich lake and in the Glarus land.
878 Emperor Charles III transfers the monastery to his wife Richgard
9./10. Jahrh. Building of a Carolingian church, the crypta underneath the monastery has been preserved until today
11th/12th century Out of the market foundation of the monastery developes the town Säckingen
A fire disaster destroys monastery and town
1307 The abbesses of the convent change category and are declared princesses of the kingdom
1316 The town receives its first letter of liberty
Construction of the gothic cathedral
1364 Construction of the thermal fountain rim
The monastery land near Glarus is seized and transferred to the confederation
1430 The castle belongs to the lords of Schönau
Edification of the new abbey building buy Bye
Construction of the "Hallwyler Hof" by Teutonic order knights
Pillage of the town during the Thirty Year's War
Plundering of the town during the Dutch war by French troops
Death of Franz Werner Kirchhofers and his wife Ursula von Schönau (historic models for Sheffel's "Trumpeter of Säckingen")
1st Baroquisation of the gothic cathedral (Wessobrunner style)
Creation of the castle park and tea house
New spa building

Occupation of the town by French troupes in the wake of the Austrian War of Succession
1751 The burning of the cathedral
1752-1755 2nd Baroquisation of the cathedral (J. M. Feichtmayr)
1796 Occupation of the town by French troupes during the French of Revolution
1805 The town is assigned to the dukedom of Baden
1806 Closure of the convent
1830 Demolition of the medieval gate tower and filling of the right Rhine branch
1850-1851 The young poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel lives in the "Hallwyler Hof"
1854 Publication of Scheffel's " The Trumpeter of Säckingen"
1856 Inauguration of the railway line Basel-Säckingen-Waldshut
1884 Victor Nessler composes the opera "The Trumpeter of Säckingen"
1939 Säckingen is nominated county town
1945-1950 The town is occupied by French allies
1946-1948 The swiss town Fricktal actively helps to overcome post war difficulties
1948 Reopening of the thermal and mineral spa St. Marienhaus
1966 Termination of the hydroelectric Rhine power plant of Säckingen, inauguration of the church Heilig-Kreuz in the western part of the Säckingen
1967 Termination of the cavern electric power plant Säckingen
1972 Incorporation of the fellow communities Rippolingen and Wallbach
1973 Town loses the seat of the district administration, incorporation of the fellow community Harpolingen, town twinning with Sanary-sur-Mer/France and Purkersdorf/Austria
1977 Inauguration of the new health resort with resort house, Hochrheinklinik und Rheumaklinik
1974-1983 Edification of the new Rheintalzentrums with casino
1978 1100 years anniversary of the town and conferrence of the attribute "Bad" (bath)
Inauguration of the new St. Fridolin's bride
1981 Inauguration of the Eggbergklinik
1983 Town twinning with Nagai/Japan and Santeramo/Italy, inauguration of the casino
1984 Inauguration of the Villa Berberich, location for cultural events
1988 Town twinning with Näfels/Switzerland
1990 Inauguration of the Park-Klinik
1994 Inauguration of the new building of the Eggbergklinik
1997-2003 Schöpfebach - renaturation of the creek
1998 Modernisation of the Waldbad (forest swimming pool)
2000 Modification and restauration of the nursing home St. Josef
2003 Winning of the gold medal at the "Entente florale" competition(one of Europe's most beautiful towns in bloom)

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